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Tiffany Stuart

Personal Trainer & Class Instructor


My name is Tiffany!

I am a mother of four, athlete, and lover of all things competition.

Certifications and Achievements:

  • NASM Certified PT

  • B.S.N & 13+ years in Nursing

  • Completed 7 marathons

With having a family history of health problems and having four children it has become important to me to show them the importance of having a healthy lifestyle.

Throughout my time in school I enjoyed swimming, track and field, and I even played field hockey for years. I have always actively participated in sports and naturally have built a love for competition. After having my third child I started running races. Shortly after that, I got into weight lifting.

I have completed a half Ironman race, seven full marathons, and plan to compete in a Spartan World Championship race in Greece.

Currently my training consists of some strength training, core, and lots of cardio.

I can't wait to compete in my next half Ironman and then Spartan race!

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Tiffany Stuart
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