Kareem Selwaeh

Trainer & Instructor


My name is Kareem Selwaeh.

I am a personal trainer, barbell coach, and class instructor.

Certifications and Achievements:

  • Bachelor’s in Exercise Science at Radford University

  • 2nd Degree Karate Black Belt

  • National Olympic Weightlifter

My passion for fitness began when I was 18 years old. I was a scrawny kid that never lifted weights but practiced martial arts. After years of training in Karate, I eventually earned and achieved my second-degree black belt. This is where coaching and my desire to help others began.

I started weightlifting and then joined a CrossFit gym, where I competed heavily and began coaching CrossFit in 2015.

While at Radford I was given the opportunity to intern with the Virginia Tech Olympic Sports

strength and conditioning team.

While interning I learned a lot about sport specific programing while leading a large group of D1 athletes through in and off season training.

I have worked with a wide range of people on different physical spectrums and have come to know how to adapt my coaching style dependent upon their needs.

I have trained athletes of all sports including wrestling, baseball, women’s soccer, women's volleyball, and, swim and dive.

Currently, I love competing in Olympic Weightlifting events.

I have competed at five USAW American open finals and four USAW Nationals.

My coaching philosophy and regimen revolves around three pillars; effort, accountability, and respect. As a trainer I plan to encapsulate these pillars in every interaction.

I will strive to be a trainer who makes an effort each and every session to help my clients achieve new goals.

I will hold myself and my clients accountable all while respecting them as an athlete and individual.

My goal is to help any and all individuals who walk through the door and are eager to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Kareem Selwaeh