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Jimmy Smith

Personal Trainer


My name is James Smith, but most people call me Jimmy.


  • NCEP Certified Personal Trainer

  • Currently studying Kinesiology at William & Mary

I am currently a student at William & Mary majoring in Kinesiology. My goal with this degree is to eventually become a Sports Therapist.

For as long as I could remember my dad has been a personal trainer. Watching him over the years has instilled in me a passion for fitness and has sparked new goals for myself to achieve.

Fitness and "being fit"is not just about picking up heavy stuff or being able to run a mile.

I know fitness comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes.

My main goal as a trainer is to find the size that fits you and your lifestyle.

I want all my clients to enjoy their journey and to help them feel the best they possibly can.

Jimmy Smith
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