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Jeff Eckhoff

Site Manager


My name is Jeff and I've been into fitness almost my whole life.

I was a swimmer from a very young age, competing in club swim teams all the way into High School. During high school I made a decision and put swimming off to the side to focus on other things. By doing this and continuing the eating habits of a swimmer, I put on an undesirable amount of extra weight.

College is where my fitness knowledge really expanded and when I learned most of what I've come to exhibit in my fitness journey. When I joined MaxFit originally, I was simply a member, overweight and looking to be as fit as I once was. I joined at 275 pounds and over the next year I dropped close to 100 pounds through healthy eating and exercise, much of which came from the trainers at MaxFit. Since that experience I've only learned more about healthy eating and exercise and am happy to share my thoughts on either subject.

After those first steps in my journey, MaxFit brought me on board as a staff member and over the last few years they've watched me display my dedication to our members and their experience with us.

Currently, I manage MaxFit 24 and our sister site MaxFit Performance, I'm the guy to come to for membership questions, equipment inquiries, if anything needs fixing, just about anything and everything you could have a question about, I have or can get you the answer.

It's been a pleasure finding my niche at MaxFit and I look forward to meeting everyone that joins us and helping them along their own fitness journey.

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Jeff Eckhoff
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